From Moving Parts To Empire Of Sleep

Moving Parts recorded their first single in 1981 produced by Conrad Uno (Young Fresh Fellows, Flop, The Posies, The Presidents Of The United States Of America). It was the first release on Uno’s Popllama Records. The single was Wires b/w Window On The Moon. It got lots of local radio play and some national attention. They followed it up with the hit Under. It was first released on Engram’s Seattle Syndrome and then on the bands second record – the EP simply titled Moving Parts. After a major label deal gone bad, they disbanded in 1988.

In late 2009, Jim was contacted by a fellow musician and band leader who asked if Moving Parts would consider reforming for a reunion show. Jim and Don started making calls and the current band was formed. The lineup is:

Jim Irwin - lead singer and songwriter, rhythm guitar and piano
Don Lange – bass guitar and backing vocals
Mike Dumas – drums and backing vocals
Richard irwin – lead guitar and backing vocals
Matt Reiman – keyboards, guitar and backing vocals

They started rehearsing old material for a gig that didn’t materialize but something strange and wonderful happened on the way. The band quickly realized that the old magic was still there. Jim had a lot of new material and the band used that as a starting point. They went into Conrad Uno’s Egg Studios and began recording new material in the fall of 2010. They finished recording in April 2011. The result is a great batch of new songs which the band is releasing as a long player in September 2011. They felt the new project needed a new name and thus Empire Of Sleep was born.